Acuerdo Tech Solution provides Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for various service and product. Computer AMC service is a contract in which we take care of your computer after its warranty period has been expired,providing upto the mark onsite and remote support, for networks and computer under an Annual Maintenance contract. 

Our AMC services includes

  • Monitor maintenance
  • Virus protection and virus Removal keep your computer free from spyware/Adware’s
  • Hardware repair
  • On site / Remote support services and many more.
  • Network Troubleshooting services based on internet.
  • security fixes, patches, service packs.
  • Protecting from hackers, trojan viruses with firewall protection 
  • On call support,Tele-support,Mail support.
  • Preventative maintenance periodic checks on your systems before problem occur. 

Our Role to resolve

Performance Issues: We undergo periodical checking for the hardware under contract and update if any issues persist.

Networking: We provide expertise technicians to configure all kind of server & routers.

Facility management: We procure with hardware requested by the customer and change the malfunctions parts undergoing warranty and configure for an effective run.


  • Save from unexpected failures and repairs.
  • We offer 365 days support.
  • Highly reliable and planned services.

Terms and conditions

  1. The terms of the service, as per this contract will be in accordance with offer as above. This shall be a service Level Agreement. The contract does not cover the equipment /parts which may have been damaged due to misuse, negligence, accident, wear tear, pests. fire, water and other natural calamities etc.
  2. The applicable  taxes-state and service tax will charged extra.
  3. Should any unauthorized person be permitted to access the database or installed applications, software/hardware under agreement and in the event of failures, support shall be on chargeable basis.
  4. The above mention contract does not include the data entries, software customization,  data corruption, data recovery or lost data due to virus attacks if any. however we ensure that all necessary steps will be taken to ensure proper functioning of the system.
  5. Should any unauthorized person be permitted to undertake repairs of the equipment under agreement in the event of failures, replacement or repair shall be on chargeable basis.
  6. In case of failure of parts or equipment it shall be tried that defective parts are repaired at site. however in case of inability to do the same shall be required to be brought back to our work for repairs. The defective part shall be repaired and not replaced.
  7. The company shall not be liable for any delay in rectifying the system due to non-availability of spares but howsoever we confirm to give 90% up-time for the system.
  8. The Annual Maintenance contract does not include shifting and re-installation of equipment.
  9. In case of failure due to the PC machine that has not been supplied & supported by us. we shall not be held liable for repair or delays in support.
  10. This AMC does not include shifting and re-installation of the application on other machines. However re-installation of the application software/ hardware, if supplied by us will be governed by our offer as above.   
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